Dieting SUCKS!

I don’t have it all together…not even close. I try to keep my page as real as possible and share the good the bad and the ugly with you all. There are so many people out there showing us how amazing this journey is and all the pounds they are losing and if you ask me they are just sugar coating the truth.

Dieting SUCKS! We shouldn’t even call it dieting because I know good and well that the minute you fall off the wagon you will gain it back. Changing your lifestyle sucks. I know that it will improve my health and make me feel better and live longer…but the process is so hard sometimes…actually ALL of the time its hard.  Every minute of the day I am faced with making the right choice. The minute I roll out of bed I can choose to eat some sugary cereal or some healthy oatmeal and eggs. After working out at the gym I have to choose whether to run home and have a protein shake or stop at the gas station for a diet coke. Let’s not forget lunch…I would much rather eat a big juicy burger than a low carb tortilla and chicken! In the afternoon when I want a pick me up my go to used to be a little Debbie snack cake but now I have to choose almonds or an apple. And dinner…no more carb laden meals…I have to choose healthy.

I don’t always make the right choice. As much as I may want to choose healthy, old bad habits are hard to break.  But if I have learned anything on this journey…it is that we are human and we make mistakes. We can’t dwell on those mistakes though, we must keep moving forward. When you have made the wrong choice it is okay! Forgive yourself and make the right choice the very next time you eat.  No more waiting til Monday to start over, no more thinking that because you blew that one meal it’s ok to blow your entire day. My life changed when I started believing this.  Yes I still make mistakes and YES I still get upset with myself but tomorrow is always another chance to get it right.

And know that everyone struggles. You are not alone! Sharing my struggle is just part of my journey and when I decided to share my journey….I decided to share it all.

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