Just do it…

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was up several times because I drank too much water before bed. I woke up tired and cranky and not wanting to work out.  I managed to get dressed and after taking my daughter to school I somehow ended up at the gym.  It would have been so much easier to go back home and crawl back into bed..but I didn’t.  I didn’t even think about going back home because it just isn’t an option anymore for me. I met my trainer and 10 minutes into our session I told her I was having “one of those days.” When I am either mentally or physically tired it wears me down. And the last couple of days I had been battling with that devil of a scale and allowing it to get the best of me. So my trainer pushed me harder. Days like today I need to be reminded why I am here and pushing so hard.  I did plank walks pushing an 8lb ball, trx straps, balancing exercises, wall slams with an 8lb ball, running back and forth 10 yards slamming an 8lb ball, and some ab work. Halfway into my session my trainer started laughing because she noticed my ankles were sweating. My freaking ankles were sweating! Towards the end of our session after an ab exercise I asked my trainer if she could remember when I first started working with her and we did this move. She said she remembered how I couldn’t even lift my legs up off the ground. And not only am I able to do that now..but I felt strong..even stronger after realizing that.  At that moment I realized that I keep allowing myself to focus on the wrong things. The scale may not tell me that I am making progress…but my body sure is saying otherwise.  That is where my focus needs to be.

Going to the gym every morning has just become habit for me. When I am not able to go I feel like my entire day is thrown off.  I could have easily skipped today but I didn’t. And I think working out when you really don’t feel like it benefits you more than you know. Had I skipped today I wouldn’t have noticed how strong my core has gotten and how far I really have come. I hope you will remember this the next time you are looking for a reason to skip a workout.

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