It is NOT a competition…

I find that the biggest problem I have on this journey is that I compare myself to others.  I follow a lot of fitness pages because it really helps me stay motivated to see others busting their butts. But at the same time I will compare my progress with their progress and it is never a positive thing for me.

When someone is losing pounds or inches faster than I am I immediately question what I am doing wrong.  When someone is losing weight and they are still able to eat cookies I ask what I am doing wrong.  I have seen people up their calories and lose weight, lower their calories and lose weight, lower their carbs, eliminate their carbs, go on crazy fad diets, stop drinking soda, not exercise at all, exercise hours a day….the list goes on and on. Every time though, I will drive myself insane wondering what I am doing wrong. I did It today actually….I allowed myself to be in a bad mood over something I saw on social media.  I spent a good half of my day sulking and questioning everything I have done recently…the amazing week I had this week where I said no to dessert every night, the mile and a half I ran without stopping, the 7 hours I spent working out, all of the good healthy food choices I made…I questioned what I was doing wrong.

Lucky for me I have an amazing trainer….I texted her about how I was feeling and she told me to call her. She always reminds me that its not a competition…that all of my hard work has not gone to waste…that I have come so far over the last 10 months.  I owe her so much more than she could ever know. Then after our conversation I was scrolling through facebook when I came across a post by Ripped Goddess. (If you don’t follow her you should) She says “keep in mind EVERYTHING you see is filtered. Look for messages that resonate with you because they make you feel GOOD- not bad about yourself. Life is challenging enough without competing with the magical filter that is social media, so unless you have unicorn dust give yourself a break.” I swear she wrote that for me…

This is my journey….some days are amazing, some days not so much.   I have to stop comparing my journey with the filtered versions of others. Because the choices I make daily only affect me.  And I have the choice to be happy and proud of how far I have come…and how far I will go on this journey to Finding Me.

1 thought on “It is NOT a competition…

  1. The Rookie Avenger

    Your trainer sounds amazing! I know your battle though. I always compare myself with others. We need to remember our own journey, which is really hard sometimes. Great post though ☺



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