The scale is the DEVIL…

Many many months ago both my doctor and my trainer told me to get rid of my scale.  I had become obsessed with getting on that thing not only every day, but several times a day.  I thought that the scale was the only way to show my progress and I was completely wrong.  When the scale wouldn’t budge I would become frustrated and question what I was doing wrong. Heaven forbid if the scale moved in the wrong direction because it would completely ruin my day. I would have the biggest meltdown all because of that number. I think that alone stunted my progress. So after a lot of urging, I came home and took that scale straight to the dumpster!

I can not explain how amazing and freeing it made me feel. Not having that machine to jump on a zillion times  a day really helped to improve my attitude. But over time I started to get worried again.  We had a scale at my gym so I could weigh if I wanted to, but when our gym merged with another that scale stayed behind. Not having that scale really got to me, and I ended up buying a new one for my house.  I told myself that I was not going to become addicted again…that I would just weight once in a while…and at first it worked.  But not for long..

This week I really took the advice of my therapist and completely changed my diet. No more dessert every night for me! Boy has that been tough.  I am really thinking about the foods I am putting into my mouth and when I have craved sweets I have talked it out with a friend or my husband and realized I was just stressed and really didn’t need the sweet. I can not tell you how amazing I have felt this week. I have been waking up in the mornings feeling rested….I have felt like I am giving 110% at my workouts. I went jogging this week with the intentions of stopping when tired and I ran over a mile before I even felt like I wanted to stop. I can not tell you the last time that has happened…um never!! BUT with all that feeling amazing..I decided to jump on the scale. I mean, not eating desert every night surely means I have lost 10 pounds this week right? Well NO it sure doesn’t. The scale has moved a little but because it wasn’t as much as I expected I immediately found myself getting an attitude. This is why I am here…before I let that scale control me I wanted to blog about it.

See, the scale really doesn’t define us. It doesn’t tell us how amazing we really are. That scale has no idea how hard I push it at the gym, or all the times I have succeeded in saying no to dessert this week. Our bodies are crazy…we retain fluids daily and our numerical weight can change all the time. That is really out of our control..but not getting on that scale and letting it affect us IS in our control.  So lets stop letting that scale control us!

3 thoughts on “The scale is the DEVIL…

  1. KenzieH

    You’re right, it’s so important to develop the right relationship with your scale!! I’m sort of the opposite of you – I weigh myself every morning at the same point in my routine, and my scale connects with my fitbit so the number’s recorded. For me, just knowing the number each morning keeps my fears from getting out of control: either I lost weight, yay, I maintained, yay, or I gained something – but not as much as I’m always afraid I’m going to. For my roommate, it’s exactly the opposite: she feels pinned down by the numbers, a bit like what it sounds like you’ve described, and she’d prefer to just listen to her body instead of a number. There’s no one right answer, and finding the one that fits can be super hard with all of the messages coming from all sides, so congrats!! Also, thank you for sharing – every time I hear someone else find strength, it’s easier for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.



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