I am a food addict

Hi! My name is Liz and I am a food addict. There…I said it. The first step on the road to recovery is admitting it right? Was it scary to admit? No…not for me. The scary part is thinking about what I need to do now to change this.

I have spent the last couple of years believing that the key to weight loss is moderation. Everything in moderation right? Because we are told that it is all about calories in and calories out.  Yesterday during my therapy session I asked my therapist about this. Why he doesn’t agree with this idea of moderation and what he said blew me away. “Would you give crack to a crack addict? Would you tell an alcoholic that they could drink as long as it was just a little here and there?” Heck no! And why not? Obviously they would never get over their addiction by allowing a little here and there. Also, most people in recovery would relapse the moment they had just a “little”. So how does that relate to food addiction? Well you surely can’t say…Liz never eat again! Ha!! We have to eat….but we also have a choice as to what we put into our mouth.  Allowing myself a couple cookies today and then a candy bar tomorrow…even if I fit it into my calories allowed for the day…is NOT helping my addiction at all.

So where do we go from here? Well it is not going to be an easy road that lies ahead I am sure. I have full confidence that with time things will get easier. Its not realistic to say that I am never going to eat a cookie again….and I am not telling you to do that either! What my therapist suggested is to draw a line….an actual line, not a blurry one….a line that I will not allow myself to cross….or when I do cross it recognize it immediately and then get right back on track. So what am I going to eat? Lots of healthy good for you food. I have been reading this book suggested by my therapist, and it talks about how good healthy fats are for you. Healthy fats like olive oil and avocado, helps your brain to feel full and satisfied. So along with my protein, and carb, I am going to be incorporating that into my diet. And when the sweet tooth kicks in, or just the need to put some food into my mouth, I am going to allow a sugar free popsicle.

My therapist is confident that if I make these changes I will finally start to see the fruits of my labor. I bust my behind in the gym…and its time that my hard work pay off! I am going to not only take it day by day..but meal by meal!

5 thoughts on “I am a food addict

  1. Margie Consolino Jacobs

    I love this entry!!!! I too am a food addict and not afraid to admit it!!! I do allow myself “treats” here and there…but I also have come with good healthy replacements for the bad “treats”. And I’m know…as you travel through your journey…you will too 🙂 I have enjoyed following you on FB. It makes my heart full to watch you blossom! I know your journey all to well…I was right where you were!!! You keep up the good work that you are doing and you are going to go far!!!


  2. Strong Mama

    Yes, Yes and YES. I keep reverting. Thinking “it’s ok, just a little” “Moderation is key” and then I get into full blow addictive stuff-my-face-with-junk mode. I’m done. It’s gotta change. Proud of you!!!



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